Jane Pesyakova

Content Director
Brand Strategist
based in Europe

Helping brands

find unique visual language


My name is Jane Pesyakova and I'm very enthusiastic person with 10 years experience in Design, Branding, Visual Strategies, Marketing and Digital Projects.

Base on values I create and launch brand and visual concepts in collaboration with creators around the world.

I make audiences and app's users fall in love with brands through visual communications, create

a brand's platform and photo| video production that stands out from the crowd and memorable.

I can help you with:

Visual Strategy
Creative concept | Audience portrait
| Brand 360-view

Based on brand's values and key products
I create full visual strategy with breakthrough results for business.

Visual strategy is formed in guide for creative team and is the foundation of any on-line and off-line material.
3D | AI | Illustration | Film | Photo

I lead and organize production of creative content from idea to result for app, ads, tv-boards and social media (IG, YT, LinkedIn), cost frameworks and timings.
Creative Marketing
Creative content | Collaborations
| Creative content with influencers

Сreative marketing is a breath a fresh air in product launches.
I create 360-go-to market marketing campaigns which work on brand awareness and promotion of ambassador products.

In my portfolio:
20+ marketing strategies
50+ product launches
100+ partner collaborations (with Uniqlo, Etihad Airways, Yandex).

Let's create a project together

I really love to communicate with brands

and transform values into visual language

Minich, Germany
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